Spanish Screenings on Tour presents the details of its first edition and announces its new awards at the San Sebastian Festival

The Spanish Screenings themed calls for submissions will include selected projects by the Sitges Festival, Weird, Abycine Lanza and Conecta Fiction

Spanish Screenings on Tour 2022 will run at Ventana Sur between 28 November and 2 December

Today, at the San Sebastian Festival, a complete rundown of Spanish Screenings on Tour was given with the presence of Beatriz Navas, Director General of the ICAA, Pablo Conde, Director of Fashion, Habitat and Cultural Industries at the ICEX, Juan Antonio Vigar, Director of the Malaga Festival, and José Luis Rebordinos, Director of the San Sebastian Festival. As well as detailing their open calls for submissions and explaining all of the plans in place for an unprecedented Spanish disembarkation at Ventana Sur, the new Spanish Screenings on Tour awards were also announced.

Said awards will consist of the inclusion in the Spanish showcase at Ventana Sur of a project presented at each of the four festivals with which Spanish Screenings has established alliances (Sitges, Weird, Abycine Lanza and Conecta Fiction) in the framework of Spanish Screenings on Tour 2022. The basis of the selection criteria will be their potential to co-produce with Latin America.

Spanish Screenings has established these alliances with important national audiovisual industry events as part of its constant search for synergies and to increase the scope of its proposals.
Thus, the project selected by the Sitges Festival, Sitges Fanpitch Award – Blood Window – Spanish Screenings, will be included the Blood Window section; the Abycine Lanza Award – Spanish Screenings Perspectives in Punto de Género; the Weird Award – Spanish Screenings Anímate in Animation!, and the Conecta Fiction – Spanish Screenings Series in SoloSerieS.

Beatriz Navas opened the event, stressing that Spanish Screenings on Tour 2022 will see a remarkable increase in the presence of the Spanish industry at Ventana Sur, Latin America’s leading audiovisual market, as well as a display of Spanish productions in all its sections, opening a ‘window to the films from our country spread over all activities at the rendezvous’. Also to form part of Spanish Screenings on Tour are projects in development and contents which are either completed or at the post-production stage and works in progress which will be presented in the different sections of the Buenos Aires market. These works will be selected by representatives of Spanish Screenings on Tour and the heads of the respective sections at Ventana Sur.

José Luis Rebordinos presented Spanish Screenings: Financing & Tech, another aspect of the initiative, to take place in San Sebastian from 19 to 22 September. The event will consist of the first Creative Investors Meeting, co-organised with CAA Creative Media, at which ten Spanish projects at the development stage and looking for funding and international outreach will be presented. The gathering will close with a meeting between investors and young talents from the leading Spanish film schools. Also taking place is the first competition for Spanish startups and entrepreneurs, the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge.

For his part, Juan Antonio Vigar forwarded certain features of Spanish Screenings Content, to take place at the next Malaga Festival from 10 to 19 March. It will include several sections with the aim of bringing together the local industry. Thus, the newest Spanish films will be screened; Market premieres of films which haven’t been shown in other markets; Next, trailers of future releases and Works in Progress. There always will be a remake session, Spanish Coproforum, a space for financing projects and sections devoted to literary adaptations and soundtracks. The Malaga Festival will also renew its digital creators' platform Hack MAFIZ Malaga, which showcases new talent creating content for social networks and new platforms.

Pablo Conde stressed that Spanish Screenings on Tour is the result of the work carried out by all of the organisations involved in the initiative.

About Spanish Screenings on Tour

Spanish Screenings on Tour is the Spanish Screenings line of work designed to boost and open new international opportunities for the Spanish audiovisual industry. The initiative travels to strategic territories where it carries out actions focused on the sale and promotion of Spanish audiovisuals.

Spanish Screenings On Tour 2022 will take place at Ventana Sur (Argentina, 28 November-2 December), Latin America’s leading audiovisual market, and a must-attend event on the agenda of professionals dedicated to distribution and purchasing in the international industry.

Spanish Screenings XXL is the international market for Spanish audiovisual production promoted by the Ministry of Culture though the ICAA, ICEX, San Sebastian Festival and Malaga Festival, thanks to the EU-funded Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR).

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19 September 2022

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