Documentary Film Meeting 2023
In the Mirror: A shared gaze at documentary filmmaking in Spain

Málaga Film Festival resumes Málaga Docs on the occassion of a crucial event: the publication of the collective book El documental en España. Historia, estética e identidad published by Cátedra and the festival itself and coordinated by Casimiro Torreiro and Alejandro Alvarado. This volume was created with the aim of making a relevant contribution in the academic and informative sphere, and is also the expression of Malaga Film Festival's continued commitment to documentary film. The publication spans, from a historical and thematic approach, the evolution of these cinemas in Spain over more than a century, an exhaustive review that not only presents the necessary keys for the study of documentary film in our country but also for the recognition of the most recent developments and trends in the extensive and diverse panorama of non-fiction cinema.

This edition of Málaga Docs seeks to complement and celebrate the release of this volume. In the Mirror: A Shared Look at Documentary Film in Spain transfers some of the principles and themes of the book - the aesthetic and identity aspects, but also the historical ones, transversal to all the sessions -, the integrating philosophy - of profiles, of geographies - that has inspired it, and the in-depth analysis of the main industrial challenges of these cinemas, to question the image that gives us back a joint and reflective gaze at documentary filmmaking in Spain.

Date of the event: 13th and 14th of March, 2023.
Place: Rectorado de la Universidad de Málaga. Avenida de Cervantes, 2

Free registration here until full capacity is reached