Málaga Festival Fund Co-production Event (MAFF) / Methodology

MAFF will hold its sixth edition on the 13th,14th,15th,16th, and 17th of March, 2023 in the city of Malaga, Spain, during the 26th edition of the Malaga Film Festival.

Work will focus on about 18 projects selected amongst all the ones presented in the call for applications.

In order to reach the number of selected projects, the selection process will consist of two different phases:

Phase 1: Elegibility
Submissions will be checked to ensure that they comply with the requirements established in the Rules of the call for Applications.
Priority will be given to the projects that have not been presented to other similar calls of other festivals and/or markets.

Phase 2: Assessment
Eligible projects will be assessed by a team of experts, who also form part of the  LEARNING & TRAINING team. The team will assess the proposal's production structure as well as its artistic content about replica watches.
The selection committee will consist of renowned Ibero-American and European experts in the audiovisual sector.

The main objective of the selection process will be to boost the participating directors' artistic and creative talent. The capacity and potential that each project has to access the international market will be taken into account.