Málaga Festival Fund Co-production Event (MAFF) / Benefits

Duration: January and February 2023
Course: Good practices – Challenges and Training: effective tools for financing projects

The training workshops will focus on the creative and production areas, with the  objective of providing the producers and directors of participating projects with tools by means of individual tutorials, talks and master classes.

Once the LEARNING & TRAINING grant has finalized, the participants will have the  opportunity of presenting their productions to the decision makers invited by the organization.


Bolivia Lab Industria Prize to participate in the production laboratory to be held in July 2023 in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Consultancies, services and/or arrangements required during the development and shooting of the project; sound, image and lab post-production services; first option for distribution in Mexico during the development, financing and shooting of the project.

Two awards will be given to two projects participating in MAFF.
First Prize: 10 minutes of original music, worth 6,400€, for a fiction or documentary project participating in MAFF, preferably from Central America or the Caribbean.
Second Prize: Original music and audio post production for a trailer or teaser of a maximum of 2 minutes for a fiction or documentary project participating the MAFF section.

ECAM Prize to participate in a development program attached to La Incubadora, to be held in the autumn of 2023 at the said Madrid Film School.

Distribución Full Award, worth $2,500, consisting of the development and execution of an organic distribution strategy for the film’s useful life.

3 prizes will be awarded to 3 MAFF projects (Prize for a Latin American project, Prize for an Ibero-American project, and Prize to a project in the Women Screen Industry Section), consisting of a cash prize of 300€, as well as a flat production fee worth  295.00€.

• SANFIC, Santiago International Film Festival
Industry SANFIC prize to participate in the production laboratory to be held in August 2023 in the city of Santiago de Chile.

Select from amongst all the projects of MAFF the winner of a prize consisting of 10,000 euros as the Minimum Guaranteed amount of the winning project’s international distribution.