Málaga Festival Fund Co-production Event (MAFF) / Rules & Regulations

I. The projects must be presented by production companies of Spain, Portugal and Latin America, registered as such with the Institute of Cinematography or similar bodies in the country of origin, whether trade entities or others recognized as such.

II. The contractual relationship with the screenwriter confirming the assignment of the rights of exploitation must be clear.

III. The nationality of the projects must coincide with their country of origin.

IV. In the case of an international co-production project, the contract or memo deal that substantiates each country's participation share must be submitted.

V. It is preferable that the projects presented be the director’s or producer’s first, second or third audiovisual work.

VI. Fiction feature films, feature-length documentaries and animation projects with a minimum duration of 70 minute will be accepted.

VII. The projects that are submitted must be in an advance phase of development. In other words, they must be projects that preferably have secured financing for at least 20% of production costs. Projects in the shooting or post-production phase will not be accepted.

VIII. Projects can be registered free of charge online by means of the Registration Form that will be available as of the 25th of October on the website: www.mafiz.es(https://mafiz.es/es/evento/maff/formulario)

IX. Projects submitted at last year's edition cannot be submitted again to the call for applications for MAFF 2024.

X. The material/information must be sent in MAFF’s official language, namely Spanish and Portuguese. Forms may be submitted in both languages.

XI. On submitting the registration form, the producer must make note that he/she is the titleholder of all the material/information that is requested and has the right and authority to submit the material/information requested by MAFF.

XII. The material/information sent by the applicants will be kept confidentially by the Malaga Film Festival and associated entities connected to the Festival, as well as by the members of the assessment team and the selection and benefits professionals.

XIII. The projects will be selected by four experts with a renowned professional career. The jury committee’s decision will not be subject to appeal. The organizers reserve the right to announce the assessments publicly.

XIV. Once the projects have been selected by the Jury Committee, the selected projects will be informed confidentially and their attendance will be confirmed. Subsequently, the selection will be officially announced on the Festival’s website www.festivaldemalaga.com and its social networks.

XV. The producer and/or director of the selected projects must attend the MAFF event. If this item of the regulations is not fulfilled, the Malaga Film Festival has the right to cancel the participation of the non-compliant project. The attendance of the director or producer of the selected projects is recommended, as this is favorable for the projects.

XVI. Once a project’s participation has been confirmed, the producer shall undertake to send the material/information that is requested in two languages, namely Spanish and English, within the deadlines established by the Malaga Film Festival.

XVII. The Malaga Film Festival will have the right to use the material/information of the selected projects for their dissemination and promotion in national and international territories through the communication channels or media it deems appropriate.

XVIII. MAFF is an international event attended by European producers to learn about the selected projects. Therefore, it is important that pitchings and presentations be made in English.

The period for registration of projects will be from the 25th of October to the 10th of November, 2023.

The selected projects will be announced at Ventana Sur 2023.

XIX. In case a project is selected:

- The project’s producer undertakes to participate in MAFF during its entire duration. In the event he/she does not participate, the project will be disqualified
- If a film wins a prize, the producers must offer the possibility that it be premiered at the Malaga Film Festival in deference to the latter’s organizers.
- If a film is selected, the producer must also accept that the information regarding the project and the contact information of its representatives be published in the MAFF catalogue.
- The director and/or producer of the work selected in MAFF must include the MAFF - FESTIVAL DE MÁLAGA logo in the opening and closing credits, with the following text: "Official Selection MAFF - 2024". The logo must also be included in all the film’s advertising, press material and its website. In addition, the logo of the collaborating company awarding the prize must also be included in the film credits. The first logo will be provided by the Malaga Film Festival, and the latter by the collaborating company.

XX. On the veracity of the information
In case the person in charge of the projects has not provided true information regarding the project’s financial situation or his/her competencies, in the documents submitted with the application or during the execution of the project, and if no corrections are made to the organizers’ satisfaction pursuant to their comments regarding this matter, the Malaga Film Festival reserves the right to inform the competent authorities of said person’s country of origin regarding the matter and any action deemed appropriate by the latter. Moreover, the production company will be barred from submitting projects for a period of five years. The decisions adopted by the Malaga Film Festival in this respect shall be recorded in an administrative act that will be sent to the affected person by registered mail, giving rise to the obligation to refund the amounts he/she may have received as a prize in cash or in kind.

XXI. Ineligibility
Pursuant to this call for applications, production companies that at the time of presentation of their application, or during the assessment or selection phases, are involved in a case of ineligibility due to administrative incidents in their respective country, or in respect to their local and/or international funds, shall not be eligible to participate in this call for applications.

For more information: mcgil@malagaprocultura.com
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