Málaga Festival Fund Co-production Event (MAFF) / Rules & Regulations


Malaga Festival will announce an open call for proposals. To be eligible, projects must meet the following requirements:

I. Projects must be submitted by Latin American production companies registered as such in the Film Institute or similar entity of their country of origin, regardless if these are trade associations or others accredited as such.

II. The contractual link with the scriptwriter, by confirming the copyright and exploitation assignment.

III. Projects must specify their country of origin.

IV. In case of an international coproduction, submissions must include the agreement or deal memo that proves the percentage owned by each country.

V. Priority will be given to debut or second feature films of directors/producers.

VI. Feature length films, documentary films and animation films with a minimum length of 70 minutes are eligible. Series, news reports or TV movies are not eligible.

VII. Projects submitted must be in an advanced state of development, with a secured financing of at least 20% of the production budget. Projects in shooting or post-production stage will not be accepted.

VIII. Entries are free of cost and must be submitted online at: formulario de inscripción (registration form)

IX. Projects submitted in previous editions are not eligible for MAFF 2020 open call.

X. All materials and information must be submitted in the MAFF official languages.

Together with the registrations form, entries must include the following documents:

• Document proving that 20% of the production budget is confirmed/secured.
• Advanced script or treatment if the film is a documentary (20 pages maximum)
Personal motivación of the film director (this document must reflect the aesthetic vision)
• Producer’s Notes
• Director’s Filmography
• Producer’s Filmography
• Detailed production budget (please fill-out the form available on our website)
• Financing Plan (please fill-out the form available on our website)
• Clarification of the rights chain. The script must be signed by the director, producer and scriptwriter.
• Letters of Intent that prove the secured financing.
• Teaser, web, shorts, previous audiovisual works of the film director (if it is a second film, the viewing link of the first one is required)
• Distribution & Marketing Plans

Language: The official MAFF languages are Spanish and Portuguese. Registration forms can be submitted in any of these two languages. If there is also an English version of the script or treatment we kindly request you to send it to ease the analyst’s work.

XII. The producer must digitally sign the registration form and confirm that he is the owner of all the materials/information hereby requested and has full rights and authority to submit the materials and/or information requested by MAFF.

XIII. Malaga Festival & related entities, the members of the evaluation team and the members of the selection committee undertake to keep the confidentiality of all the materials and/or information submitted by participants.

XIV. The selection of projects will be done by 4 renowned experts. The decision of The Jury Committee is not open to appeal. The organization reserves the right to disclose all the evaluation records. Nevertheless, the evaluation record of the project will be sent by email to each participant.

XV. Once projects are selected by the Jury Committee participants will be informed in a confidential manner and confirmation of attendance will be requested. Afterwards, projects selected for MAFF 2020 will be officially announced at www.mafiz.es and the film festival social networks.

XVI. Attendance of the film director or producer of projects selected for MAFF 2020 is essential. If participants fail to fulfill this requirement, the Malaga Festival has the right to cancel the participation of the said project.

XVII. Once the participation of the project is confirmed, the producer commits to send all the materials/information requested in two languages: Spanish and English before the deadline determined by the Malaga Festival.

XVIII. Malaga Festival will have the right to use all the available materials/information of the selected projects for local or international dissemination and promotion purposes by any and all means as media outlets, social networks or any other considered necessary.

XIX. MAFF is an international event, delegates attending are mainly European producers or film funds. Therefore, English is the official language for pitchs, meetings or presentations.
Deadline for submission of projects is October 31, 2020. The announcement of projects selected will be done during the celebration of Ventana Sur (Buenos Aires, December 2-6, 2019).

XX. If your project has been selected:

- The project director/producer commits to attend the event during the MAFF dates. In case of absence, the project will be disqualified.
- If the film is awarded, the producer should consider offering the Malaga Festival the possibility of being premiered at the film festival.
- Projects selected accept hereby that the information of the project and contact details of the companies involved will be published on the MAFF catalogue.
- The director and/or producer of the selected projects must include the MAFF - FESTIVAL DE MALAGA logo in the credits at the beginning and end of the film, with the following text: MAFF 2020 Official Selection. Said logo must be also included in all the promotional materials, press releases, website of the films and any other documents.

XXI. Awards
Awards will be announced shortly by the Malaga Festival.

XXII. Accuracy of information
In the event that the individual responsible for the project entry has not been truthful regarding the information on the documents related to funding or his competencies -during the registration process or the execution of the project- and if the observations of the organization haven’t been fully satisfied, the Malaga Festival will exercise its rights to submit a report to the relevant authority of their country of origin that will decide to take the necessary measures. Also, said company will be disqualified to submit projects during five years. Decisions taken by the Malaga Festival regarding this issue will be make known in writing, recorded in the administrative act and notified by certified letter to the individual responsible. Furthermore, they are obliged to return all the prize-money or in kind awards.

XXIII. Ineligibility
In accordance with this open call, the production companies that during the registration, evaluation or selection processes are undergoing any administrative action in their country of origin or are having problems with a local or international fund are considered ineligible for applications to this call.

More information at: mafiz@festivaldemalaga.com