Hack MAFIZ Malaga is an event organized by the Malaga Film Festival as part of MAFIZ (the Malaga Festival Industry Zone), geared at new talent in the audio-visual sector with the objective of becoming a meeting point for young, successful digital content creators and for distributors, brands, media, streaming services and production companies from around the world.

With Hack MAFIZ Malaga, the Malaga Film Festival rises to the challenge faced by the sector of reaching new audiences that consume audio-visual content through very diverse channels and that have a community identity which requires a much more active dialogue on the part of content creators and producers. The event therefore seeks to create new spaces that will enable regenerating audiences and establishing a dialogue with them and with the creators with whom the former identify. This is Hack MAFIZ Malaga?s main priority: to offer the opportunity to accommodate these creators, to get to know them and see them in action, allowing them to interact in a space of synergies with different agents of the traditional industry.

Digital creators bring innovation to content production and to the field of distribution and editorial positioning in respect to their community. Knowing and sharing their experience and knowledge provides a different, synergetic vision with the new business models based on social media. Portability, fragmentation, co-creation, collaboration, self-distribution, monetization and new narratives, amongst others, are key aspects of these new creators? identity and of the event that will bring them together in Malaga.