Next edition of MALAGA WORK IN PROGRESS will run March 17, 18, 19 & 20, 2020 within the framework of the Malaga Festival (March13-22).

Deadline for entering projects is October 15, 2019


- The registration form at MAFIZ must be filled-in MAFIZ

- The box indicating the WIP section you are applying must be checked
- A film link and password is required and must be included on the registration form aforementioned
- Film cut must have a minimum length of 60 minutes and ideally should not exceed 90 min, although the latter isn’t an exclusive option.


All the audiovisual works entered for MALAGA WORK IN PROGRESS must comply with the following terms & regulations:

- The film is unfinished and will be released after the celebration of Malaga Festival 2020.
- The film has not signed a contract or agreement with a sales agent
- Final cut of the film must be entered
- All audiovisual works must indicate the country of origin. In case of an international coproduction copy of the agreement or deal memo indicating the percentage of each country involved is required.
- Preferably, the work should be the first or second film of the director in these both sub-sections: Malaga Latam WIP and Malaga WIP-DOC.

- The Producer and/or Director of the film commit themselves to attend all the dates of the event. Otherwise, the project will be disqualified.
- Participants must provide the link of the film that will be screened at the event. Technical specs and format will be informed if the project has been selected.
- The copy of the film must include burn-in English subtitles.
- All participants must bring a backup copy on a pen-drive or a portable hard drive.
- In case of winning an award, the official logo of the laboratory must be included on the final copy of the film. Logos and/or trademarks will be provided by the lab organization.
- Producers of films awarded should consider offering the film to the MALAGA FESTIVAL Organization or Selection Committee for its premiere at the film festival.
- Selected projects hereby accept that all the data provided and the company contact details will be published on the Malaga Work in Progress catalogue.
- The directors and/or producers of the films selected must include on the final copy’s credits at the end and beginning of the film the MALAGA WORK IN PROGRESS and the MALAGA FESTIVAL logos with the following text: 2020 Official Selection Malaga Work in Progress. Also, said logos and text must be include in all the film’s promotional materials & press releases and/or dossier.