Málaga Festival Fund Co-production Event (MAFF) / Requirements

Legal entities constituted as production companies in Spain, Portugal and any Latin American country may participate.

One company may present a maximum of two projects.

It is preferable that projects have already secured 20% of their production financing.

Applications must be made through the online form, which will be available at our  website as of the 26th of Septiembre: www.mafiz.es (https://mafiz.es/es/evento/maff/formulario), attaching the documents that are indicated therein.

The last day for the registration of projects will be the 15th of October, 2022.

The projects and the participants must comply with the provisions of the regulations for this call for applications.


• Application form
• An advanced professional outline or detailed treatment in the case of a documentary (no more than 20 pages)
• Director’s personal motivations and the film’s visual and artistic concept
• Producer’s notes
• Director’s bio-filmography
• Producer’s bio-filmography
• Detailed Production Budget Form (the document available at our website must be filled out)
• Financing Plan Form (the document available at our website must be filled out).
• Clarification of the chain of title. The script must be signed by the director, the producer and the scriptwriter
• Letters of confirmation of secured financing
• Teaser, website, short films, director’s previous work (in the case of a second film, a link to the first one must be attached)
• Distribution and marketing plan: exploitation of the film to ensure impact in Ibero-America
• Co-production strategy: countries with which there plans to establish a co-production, and justification of said decision
• SWOT analysis of the project

All the documents must be identified with the title of the project and the country.

Language: MAFF’s official languages are Spanish and Portuguese. Documents may be submitted in one of the two languages. In case applicants have an English version of the script or treatment, please include it as well in order to facilitate the evaluators’ work.