Málaga Festival Fund Co-production Event (MAFF) / Requirements

● Projects of directors in the process of making their first, second or third feature film, whether fiction, documentary, animation or hybrid.
● In addition, and as an exception, projects of directors in the process of making their first, second or third feature film with producers who have made more than three feature films may be submitted.
● Legal entities constituted as productions companies in Spain, Portugal and any Latin American country may participate.
● One company may submit a maximum of two projects.
● It is preferable that projects have secured financing for the production, aside from their own contributions or capitalizations.
● Projects submitted must provide, through the online platform, information regarding their advanced development stage, including, amongst others, the script, dossier and business plan.
● Projects must be registered through the online form, which will be available on our website: www.mafiz.es (https://mafiz.es/es/evento/maff/formulario) as of the 25th of October 2023, together with the documents indicated in the form.

The deadline for registration of projects is the 10th of November, 2023.

The projects and participants must comply with the regulations of this call for applications.


• Application form
• Advanced professional script or treatment in the case of a documentary (no more than 20 pages)
• Director’s personal motivations and film’s visual and artistic dossier
• Producer’s notes
• Director’s bio-filmography
• Producer's bio-filmography
• Detailed production budget form (the document available on our website must be filled out)
• Financing plan form (the document available on our website must be filled out)
• Clarification of the chain of title. The script must be signed by the director, producer and screenwriter.
• Letters of confirmation of secured financing intention
• Teaser, short films or previous work of the director
• Distribution and marketing proposal
• Co-production strategy: countries with which plans have been made to establish a co-production, and justification of the decision

All the documents must be attached in a single pdf, labelled with the project’s title and country.

Language: MAFF’s official languages are Spanish and Portuguese. The documentation can be submitted in either language.

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