Málaga Festival Fund Co-production Event (MAFF) / Requirements


Any production companies from Latin American can participate.

A maximum of 2 projects could be submitted by the same company.

Projects must have at least 20% of the financing confirmed.

For entries please access https://mafiz.es/es/evento/maff/formulario and fill-in the registration form.
Entries deadline is October 31, 2019

All projects and participants must comply with the MAFF terms & regulations.


• Registration form
• Advanced Script or treatment in case of documentary films ( máximum 20 pages)
• Motivation of the film director from an aesthetic point of view.
• Producer’s notes
• Director’s filmography
• Producer’s filmography
• Detailed production budget (information will be provided by filling-in the specific online form on our website)
• Financing plan (information will be provided by filling-in the specific online form on our website)
• Clarification of the proprietary rights of the film. The script must be signed by the director, the producer and the scriptwriter.
• Letters of intent confirming financing secured.
• Teasers, web, short films, director’s previous works (if the entry is a second film, a link of the debut film is requested).
• Distribution & Marketing plan
• All documents must be submitted in a single PDF and labeled with the project’s name and country: Project’s Name_Country.pdf
• MAFF official languages are Spanish and Portuguese. The online registration form could be filled-out in any of these two languages. Participants with an English version of the script or treatment, are kindly requested to attach it to ease the work of the evaluation team.