Málaga Festival Fund Co-production Event (MAFF) / FAQ


Here you will find answer to the most frequently asked questions regarding MAFF, the coproduction & funds event organized by the Malaga Festival.
If none of these, answer your questions don´t hesitate to contact us at: maff@malagaprocultura.com

Which type of films can be submitted to MAFF?
Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese feature films, documentary films and animation films with a minimum length of 70 minutes can participate. Short films, series, news reports or TV movies can´t be submitted.

Which countries can participate?
Projects must be submitted by Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese production companies.

When should we expect an answer from MAFF?
Final decision will be announced and published on the Malaga Festival website at the begining of December 2022.

In the cases of documentary film entries, is necessary to attach the script?
No. In the case of documentary projects, a treatment must be attached (no more than 20 pages), together with the rest of the required documents.

Can a project whose director isn´t from any of the MAFF countries be eligible?
No. MAFF is strategically designed to foster coproduction between Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Projects in post-production state could be submitted?
Projects submitted must be in an advanced state of development, with a secured financing of at least 20% of the production budget. Projects in shooting or post-production stage will not be accepted.

What kind of document is the Clarification of the rights chain'?
Clarification of the rights chain is a document or agreement by which the scriptwriter transfers the rights to the producer and officially authorizes the latter to use the script for cinematographic purposes. This documents must be signed by the film director, the producer and the scriptwriter. If the scriptwriter and film director are the same person there is no need to attach said document.

What are we talking about when asking for the Director´s Motivation?

We refer to the reasons why the director has decided to make this film. An aesthetic proposal and mention of the director´s previous audiovisual work will be valued positively. It is very important that the director´s motivation are in line with all the documents presented. This will be highly considered to determine the eligibility of a replica Rolex project or not.

Can a production company submit more than one project?
Yes. A production company can submit a maximum of two projects, as long as both meet the entry requirements.

A production company can submit a project submitted for previous editions?
No. All projects submitted for previous editions are not eligible.

How does the selection process work?
All projects will undergo two stages:
Stage 1: Eligibility
Stage 2: Evaluation

Stage 1: Eligibility
It will be verified that entries comply with the terms & regulations published on the call. Priority will be given to projects that haven´t been submitted to similar calls of other markets or festivals.

Stage 2: Evaluation
All eligible projects will be evaluated by a team of experts. The evaluation process includes the production aspects, as well as, the artistic content of the proposal. The Selection Committee is formed by renowned Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese experts.

The main objective in the selection of projects is to boost the artistic and creative talent of the filmmakers attending the event. The potential and possibilities of the project in accessing the international marketplace will be taken into account.

For more information: maff@malagaprocultura.com