Málaga Festival Fund Co-production Event (MAFF) / About Us


Call for entries is opened for the Malaga Festival Fund & Coproduction Event that will take place within the framework of the Malaga Festival on March 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20, 2020.
First edition of this event was strategically designed by the Malaga Festival together with a team of experts and the European Film Funds to foster and promote international coproduction of contents in Spanish.

Thus creating a communication space for European and Latin American film producers; a coproduction event and a market. Main objective is fostering the artistic enrichment of projects, international coproduction, to increase possibilities of funding and to gather the most important international film funds in one place, Malaga city.

MAFF launched Social MAFF in 2019, a series of key proposals for the development of a Latin American cinematography with contents aimed to raise social awareness, to reflect on the global changes we are looking for and to generate inclusive and sharing societies.

We are absolutely convinced that if more countries could access these contents it will be the perfect wakeup call in aras of preserving life and the best social development.


To develop an international coproduction event of first or second audiovisual works between Latin America and Europe through an strategic alliance that fosters the development of audiovisual contents and new ways of cinematographic expressions, thus promoting exchange, new and cutting edge production & business models, boost a global audiovisual industry and promote the creation of contents that contribute to human development, social inclusion and a better quality of life.


We would like to highlight talent of the young Latin American filmmakers and in general the Latin American audiovisual sector, in direct connection with the financing network and pro backup enabled by this alliance. Positioning Malaga as the entree to the globalization of new Latin American productions with the objective of developing viable audiovisual contents of filmmakers with a debut or second works preferably.

Voices that from a cinematographic point of view abridge local and global issues by investigating new audiovisual ways of expression.

Give access to exceptional artistic proposals that explore new audiovisual universes.

Malaga will be the platform contributing to the development of the audiovisual sector through new and cutting-edge international cinematographic projects.


To create in Malaga a key meeting point for renowned Latin American and European professionals thus boosting networking, new ideas and the coproduction of projects aimed for the global market.


• To make known first hand the editorial line of the most important international film funds, as well as, all aspects related to financing, participation and duties entailed.

• Be the landmark communication and networking platform where the delegates from the film funds could meet and explore Latin-American projects on its initial development stage.

• To promote innovation in the business and production models for a new cinema looking for international coproduction and global distribution in all its aspects and through all the channels available.

• To contribute to the knowledge based economy through the different editorial lines of the Latin American and European cinematography regarding the different topics or the industrial aspects and provide Latin American producers with a series of tools to improve their funding, promotion, marketing or distribution strategies at an international level.

• Give high-level creative, financing and economic advice to foster production of viable and outstanding audiovisual contents that will make easier the globalization process and awareness.