Spanish Screenings Content opens its doors to the international industry

Chaired by the Mayor of Malaga, the official inauguration was the go-ahead to an extensive programme that will last until Friday

Spanish Screenings Content is part of the 'Spain Audiovisual Hub of Europe' component of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, promoted by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry for Digital Transformation and of Civil Service

Balneario de los Baños del Carmen was once again the venue of the Spanish Screenings Content inauguration, the key activity of MAFIZ, the industrial area of Festival de Málaga. The event, that is the starting point of an extensive programme of screenings, presentations, diverse conferences, and opportunities to create relationships with professionals, was chaired by the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre. He was joined by Mariana Pineda, Councillor of Culture and Historical Heritage; Camilo Vásquez, Deputy Director General for Promotion and International Relations of the ICAA; Elisa Carbonell, CEO of ICEX España Exportaciones e Inversiones; and Juan Antonio Vigar, Director of the event.

The event was opened by Juan Antonio Vigar, who in a short speech thanked ICEX, ICAA and Malaga City Council for "making it possible for us to meet here" and wished the professionals "productive days for doing business and finding out what is being done in each of the countries represented at MAFIZ".

Francisco de la Torre then welcomed the delegations from the 61 countries that will be attending the event, adding that "this is a very important moment for Spanish cinema" and highlighting the importance of the industry area within the event.

Camilo Vázquez took the floor to stress that the Festival is "one of the most prestigious in Spain and Europe" and that it "contributes to highlighting the strength of Spanish cinema", which he described as "a way of being".

Elisa Carbonell, for her part, closed the speeches by explaining the internationalisation work carried out by ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones within the framework of the Festival: "The audiovisual industry has so much quality that we want to take it abroad". She added that she supported young filmmakers in sections such as Málaga Short Corner, "where new talents can show their work", and the constant dialogue with the sector, reiterating that ICEX is at their service.

Around 300 guests enjoyed the kick-off of Spanish Screenings Content before diving into the intense programme of the section. In this third edition, 700 purchasers, sellers, distributors, and other professionals from the audiovisual industry are expected to attend. In total, MAFIZ will welcome almost 2,000 accredited participants from 61 countries who will be taking part in the different activities that make up the event until Friday. The vast majority of European countries will be represented, with a significant number of professionals from France, Germany, and Italy. Once again this year, there will also be a significant Asian presence at the event, with accredited participants from China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan, as well as from less common territories such as New Zealand and South Africa.

Spanish Screenings Content is one of the four axes of Spanish Screenings XXL along with Spanish Screenings On Tour, Spanish Screenings: Financing & Tech (at the San Sebastian Festival), and Spanish Screenings 360, a programme of active actions throughout the year that also includes a monthly podcast available on all platforms, and the future creation of a virtual promotion and business platform.

'Spanish Screenings XXL, an international market for Spanish audiovisual production' is a project involving the Ministry of Culture through the ICAA, the Ministry for Digital Transformation and of Civil Service, ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, Festival de Málaga and the San Sebastian Festival.

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