Twenty film and audiovisual’s young talents from thirteen countries participate in Malaga Talent

A 10-day intense training program awaits the participants of this initiative of MAFIZ, the Industry Area of the Festival de Malaga

The 6th edition of Malaga Talent starts on the 28th of February, gathering film and audiovisual’s young talents with the aim of providing tools to help them build creative links and encourage the creation of professional relationships.

The twenty participants (see list at the end of the article) come from thirteen countries, and during their stay in Malaga they will participate in a complete training programme. Four tutors, who are renowned professionals, will support them throughout the process: Colette Aguilar, executive producer at Moonrise Pictures (Spain), Yolanda Barrasa, screenwriter, script consultant and teacher (Spain), Andrés Bayona, director of the Bogotá International Film Festival (Colombia), Paulo Roberto Carvalho, artistic director of Cine Latino, producer and teacher (Germany).

Participants will be able to learn first-hand about the work of renowned active filmmakers. For this purpose, talks have been organised with the directors Clara Bilbao, who is presenting Tratamos demasiado bien a las mujeres in the Official Selection, and Jota Linares (Las niñas de cristal, ¿A quién te llevarías a una isla desierta?), both sponsored by DAMA. There will also be talks with the producers of Segundo premio by Isaki Lacuesta and Pol Rodríguez, which is participating in the Official Selection. Meetings have also been scheduled with Juan Antonio Vigar, the director of the Festival de Malaga, and Pilar Palomero (La maternal, Las niñas), winner of the Malaga Talent Award given by the Festival de Málaga, in collaboration with the newspaper La Opinión de Málaga.

They will also participate in sessions with industry representatives on topics such as project analysis with Iván Stoessel; audience attraction and development with Isona Admetlla and Leonardo Ordóñez, respectively. They will also discuss the case study It Was Hot That Day, with Daute Campos and Chisco Valdés; international legislation with Fran Menéndez; the connection between the press and film with the journalists Moisés Rodríguez and Paula Ponga. In addition, they will have meetings with The Spain Film Commission and with the co-director of Ventana Sur and ex-director of the Cannes Festival’s Marché du Film, Jérôme Paillard, among others. The programme will be rounded off by a workshop for directors led by Jo Sol and another for producers led by Michel Salazar.

A sign of the programme’s success is the professional career of its participants: Ilén Juambeltz presented his short film Antes de Madrid in the Generation Kplus’ section of the Berlin Festival in 2023. Jesús Choya and Rafael Martínez Calle, who participated in the Malaga Talent 2022, competed in the Short Films’ Official Section of the Malaga Festival 2023 with Velar, and Berta García-Lacht was nominated for a Goya Award with her short film Maruja, among others.

Participants of Malaga Talent 2024
Ana de Alva (Spain), Fabrizio Aramayo Reyes (Bolivia), Joao Francisco Bouza da Costa (Portugal), Rosa Caldeira (Brazil), Jéssica Cárdenas (Mexico), Franco Carrizo (Chile), Rony Díaz (Honduras), Maitena Fontanazza (Argentina), Manuela Gutiérrez Arrieta (Spain), Daniel Jiménez (Venezuela), Alicia Moncholí (Spain), Fabio Silva Cardoso (Uruguay), Laura Martínez Fuentes (Spain), Matías Mathiel (Paraguay), Karol Mora Albarracín (Colombia), Lledó Morales Roig (Spain), María Olmedilla (Spain), Kevin Rodrigo Pérez (Spain), Luis Ignacio Rodríguez (Dominican Republic), Cris Vivó (Spain).

Malaga Talent has the collaboration of: Abycine, ACAU (Uruguayan Film and Audiovisual Agency), BIFF (Bogotá International Film Festival), BoliviaLab, Canary Islands Film, Cantabria Film Commission, Encuentros Biobiocine, DGCine (General Directorate of Cinema of the Dominican Republic), ECAM, IHCine (Honduran Cinematography Institute), INAP (National Institute of Paraguayan Audiovisual), Projeto Paradiso, Ukbar Filmes and UBA (University of Buenos Aires).

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