Spanish cinema and audiovisuals hand in hand with ICAA: a leap forward

During the event held in the framework of MAFIZ, the Malaga Film Festival’s industry area, ICAA’s different lines of work were explained

Yesterday, 15th March, the ICAA event entitled “Spanish Cinema and Audiovisuals: a leap forward”, took place at the University of Malaga ¨Chancellor’s building.
Following the inaugural presentation by Beatriz Navas, Director General of ICAA, Silvia Anoro, the Deputy Director General for the promotion of the Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industry, explained the new grants for feature films and short films in recent years in terms of equality, employment creation and support for persons with disabilities.

A roundtable followed, focusing on the internationalisation of Spanish cinema and how to work so that films can cross borders and reach more markets. Moderated by Tito Rodríguez, ICAA Director for Marketing Policies, the participants were Christian Solanas, in charge of Communication and Promotion at Oficina MEDIA; Annabelle Aramburu, coordinator of MAFIZ; Pablo Pérez Lema, head of service of the Deputy Directorate General for Promotion and International Relations and representative of Spain at Eurimages. “Co-production is happening more and more and with more countries. And co-production helps content to circulate worldwide," said Pablo Pérez Lema”.

The event continued with Rocío Juanes, Secretary General of ICAA, who presented a case study and spoke about the process of the new Law of Cinema and the audiovisual sector. This was followed by the roundtable entitled “Protection and dissemination of cinematographic and audiovisual heritage”. Moderated by Valeria Camporesi, Director of the Spanish Cinemathèque, the participants of the roundtable were Guillermo Enrique de Salamanca, coordinator of the National Plan for the Conservation of Photographic (and audiovisual) Heritage and Head of the Documentation Section of IPCE, and Ferrán Alberich, winner of the National Cinematographic Heritage Award, who discussed the future of films, the future and the actions that are being taken to ensure the conservation of Spanish cinema, the heritage of the future. The event was closed by Beatriz Navas, who thanked all the members of the roundtable for their participation.

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