1. How can I register?
To register, you must first provide your contact details and the name of the company. You will then receive an email with a link to the form, your username and password.

2. Is there only one access point to request the accreditation or to register films and projects in Spanish Screenings Content?
Yes, there is only one link for the accreditation of professionals and the registration of films and projects. Depending on the role chosen by the applicant, different possibilities will be offered:
Buyer, Festival, Foreign Producer, Spanish companies (*Industry Club) or Press.
*Industry Club: category for the registration of Spanish companies, institutions and associations.

3. What professional profile option should I choose for the accreditation for the market?
See the answer to question 2.

4. What professional profile option should I choose to register a film or to hire a stand?
See the answer to question 2.

5. If I register a film or apply for a stand, will I be automatically accredited to attend the market?
Those are two different processes. Accreditation is not automatic. Once we receive your application for accreditation, you will be contacted to confirm/deny your application. In respect to registration of a film, the registration does not entail acceptance of the film (see call for applications).
Application for stands is an exclusive service for Spanish sales agents and regional film institutes (autonomous communities) and is subject to availability. In respect to the accreditation of professionals attending the market, the process is the one explained above.

6. What type of audiovisual work can be registered?

Spanish features films and documentaries can be registered in the different sections of the event that are open to registration (see conditions of participation in call for applications).

7. What are the steps to register a film?

First of all, all the information requested about the film, the company and the participants must be provided. Then the film registration form must be filled out. Subsequently, you will be contacted by the Spanish Screenings Content organisation to inform you if the film has been selected, to give you indications regarding how it should be sent, and to ask you for additional material and/or information.

8. Can I register an animation project or film, a profile of a composer, a film with potential for Remake or a Market Premiere?
Spanish Screenings Content has announced calls for applications to register animation, film score composers, remakes and market premiere WIP projects (see call for applications).
Yes, animation feature films can be registered.
In the case of films with a potential for remake, only sales agents can register the films (see call for applications).

9. Is there a cost for participation of a film in the Market Premiere section at the Cine Albeniz at a preferential time?
Yes, 376 euros VAT included (see call for applications).

10. Is there a cost for Market Screenings at the Yelmo Vialia cinema?
Yes, 300 euros VAT included (see call for applications)

11. Does accreditation for Spanish Screenings give access to all MAFIZ activities?
Yes, except for the activities to which access is restricted, or by invitation.

12. What is the cost (price) of accreditation for Spanish Screenings?

The different types of accreditations and prices are specified below:
-Early Bird Industry Badge / Early Industry Accreditation - 125 euros VAT included (from 13 December to 15 January)
-Industry Badge / Industry Accreditation - 175 euros VAT included (from 15 January to 8 March)
-Industry Day Pass / - Daily Industry Pass - 100 euros VAT included (from 4 to 8 March)

13. How do I access to the information and/or call for applications of the event?
You can find information on the call for applications and the form at the following link:

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