Kids swimming in the lake

Director: Michael Labarca
Producer: Patricia Ramírez Arévalo
Venezuela, France

In present-day Venezuela, DAYANA (11) and her siblings live with their mother CHIQUI (38), who during a long blackout refuses to come out of her bedroom and the children don't understand why. They dream of emigrating to be reunited with their father, who left the country. While they wait to save money for the trip, the siblings watch as other families leave the country before them. DAYANA suspects that the reasons for her mother's confinement threaten the long-awaited emigration.
Contact: pattyramirez19@gmail.com

Director´s Biofilmography
Venezuelan scriptwriter and director. He graduated from the School of Audiovisual Media at the University of Los Andes (Venezuela). Michael undertook studies in staging and direction at EICTV (Cuba). His short film “La culpa, probablemente” (2016) obtained Third Place (ex aequo) in La Cinéfondation at Cannes Festival. His most recent short film “El hombre de cartón” (2017), premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Total budget: 632,100.00 euros

Funds secured: 127,680.00 euros

Objectives to be achieved
We look for a 2nd. European Co-producer who can bring experience to our team and strength to our debut feature with his creative, technical, artistic and financial contributions.
Our film is an auteur film with an audience vocation so having the guidance of a sales agent is also essential for us.

Co-production´s interesting countries
Spain, Netherlands, Germany, because they have a special interest in auteur films, due to the solidity of their industries and the quality of their professionals. Their contributions will be significant in the creative, technical, artistic and financial aspects of the project.
These countries have also witnessed the crisis in Venezuela and its immigration situation, which makes our film of interest to the region and will allow us to further expand the distribution of the film.

Executive producer´s biofilmography
Producer from Venezuela in Yo, Imposible (2018) and Production Manager in Los niños de Las Brisas (in Post). Producer of several short films internationally awarded. Stands out his work in La culpa, probablemente, 3° Prize at Cinéfondation 2016. She has focused on development and production of feature films. She is currently working in “Muchachos bañándose en el lago”, by Michael Labarca, selected for the Project Development Course for Ibero-American Filmmakers 2020 by IBERMEDIA.