This savage beast

Director: Emilio Santoyo
Producer: Valeria Ariñez

México, current day. Three stories that address the origins and consequences of male violence, through three storylines: a boy tries to fit in with the violent ways of his family, a teenager faces his first sexual experiences and an adult confronts his past after the feminicide of his first girlfriend.
Contact: valeria.arinez@gmail.com

Director´s Biofilmography
Emilio Santoyo (Mexico, 1990) directed “The perfect absent” (2019), selected in Morelia and Shorts Mexico Film Festivals, and “Ana’s Desire” (2019), winner of several international prizes and selected in festivals such as Sao Paulo, Los Cabos, La Habana, Zaragoza, Cinequest, Ícaro, FICMY, Hola México, Chivilcoy, Ícaro, FICAUTOR, FECIMX, Sant Andreu de la Barca and Lugo Film week, among others. He is the founder of the production company ANOMIA and a member of the Berlinale Talents Programme.

Total budget: 194,880.61 €

Funds secured: 131,923.02 €

Objectives to be achieved
-Find a Spanish creative, strategic and financial co-producer to apply to the IBERMEDIA co-production fund.
-Search for Spanish crew (composer, sound designer and mixer).
-Create bonds with potential key industry players and potential partners (producers, distributors, sales agents).

Co-production´s interesting countries
We believe that the film can benefit from a co-production with Spain. It would increase the financing, distribution and exhibition possibilities of the project. “This savage beast” issues several major problems that Mexico has from its very birth as a culture (during the conquest) and later as an independent nation: violence, machismo and misogyny. Unfortunately, these themes unite our two countries. In this sense, we consider that Spain is the ideal partner for this project.

Executive producer´s biofilmography
Valeria Ariñez Sanjines (Bolivia, 1983) is a graduate of the EICTV in Cuba. Her thesis "Awairy", which she directed and produced, was selected at the Havana Film Festival in NY and the Habana festival. She produced the short films "My Soul is Old" by Claudia González Rubio and "El Perfecto Ausente" by Emilio Santoyo, both selected at the Morelia and Shorts Mexico International Film Festival, as well as the feature film "El Deseo de Ana" by Emilio Santoyo, winner of various international awards.