Carla wants to be a mother but cannot, Amanda can be a mother but chooses not to. Two women unprotected by the law, whose opposite decisions and desires about motherhood put them at risk, forcing them to extend their conception of morality. Forced by the imposition of others, cornered by society, time and justice, in the course of one night, Carla and Amanda will embark themselves on a winding road in which they will end up once again as victims of a tragedy that could have been avoided.

Contact: nat@magmacine.com.ar

Director´s Biofilmography
Director, screenwriter and producer, born in Buenos Aires. She approaches different genres and styles in her films from a sharp, sensitive and personal point of view. Her films have been screened at festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Locarno. She was nominated for the Goya Award and received several awards with her movies Un día de Suerte, Las vidas posibles, Arrebato, and Retiros Involuntarios. Her next projects are Amanda and the political documentary El proceso (France and Argentina).

Total budget: EUROS $694.000, DÓLARES $854.154

Funds secured: EUROS $300.625, DÓLARES $370.000

Objectives to be achieved
We are looking for partners but mainly for sensitive colleagues who can find funding and opportunities. We are interested that the film can be circulated and distributed in different countries (LATAM, Europa), once it is made.

Co-production´s interesting countries
We are interested in co-producing with Spain and France, not only for the economic contribution, but also for the distribution and access to platforms from Europe, as well as the expansion of audience and diffusion.

Executive producer´s biofilmography
Film producer with 22 years of experience in the industry, founding partner of Magma Cine and Movimiento Audiovisual. She has participated as producer in more than 30 films, series, documentaries and short films. She has carried out numerous co-productions with Europe, Latin America and USA. Her films have participated in distinguished Festivals and Markets such as Cannes, San Sebastián, Berlin, Toronto, Venice, Mar del Plata, among others.